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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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We are going on holiday as a group, who is covered?

assurances-sejours.com guarantees up to 9 people in the travelling party. A single subscription is therefore sufficient for the rental.
Actually if someone has to cancel, and the others change their mind about going away, the rental will be repaid in full.

I am obliged to cancel my stay, what should I do?

Nothing is simpler, go to the Cancel my stay and fill in the form directly on line.

You will find your insurance number or the contract number on the certificate e-mailed to you by assurances-sejours.com during your registration process.

I have a bank card, do I need assurances-sejours.com?

Any bank cards that offer insurance only cover you when you pay for services with it. Excluding peer-to-peer, you cannot pay by bank card.

I am obliged to cancel my rental, what will be repaid to me?

We repay (after deducting any excess) any sums that you have paid to the owner. (down payment or balance)

I did not subscribe to the insurance offer when I completed my booking, can I subscribe at a later time?

You can subscribe to the insurance whenever you like. However, the guarantees are only applicable if you are not aware of the loss when you subscribe to the insurance.